Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training Video
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    Health Insurance Portability &
    Accountability Act Training Video
    Meet your obligations under HIPAA legislation to train your workers

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With our HIPAA for Supervisors Video DVD Kit, you receive:

  • 15m video DVD
  • Quiz and Answer Key
  • HIPAA Certification
  • Sample Policy
  • HIPAA Checklist
  • Privacy Notice Form
  • Patient Acknowledgement Form
  • Training Log to Track Your Learners
  • HIPAA Reference Links
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HIPAA Training Program

HR Proactive’s HIPAA Training Program is an easy tool to help you meet your obligation to train your workers.

Individuals, organizations, and agencies that meet the definition of a covered entity under HIPAA must comply with the requirements to protect the privacy and security of health information and provide individuals with certain rights in respect to their health information.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Louisiana State University Eunice conducted their bi-annual Faculty/Staff Workshop which included sexual harassment awareness training presented from the HR Proactive Sexual Harassment Video DVD. At the end of the training, each employee was asked to fill out a survey rating the information from the video in the following areas: usefulness, timeliness, adequate coverage, and overall rating. Information presented from the Sexual Harassment Video DVD received an overall rating of 95% (Excellent) from faculty and staff at LSU Eunice.

I was extremely pleased with the statistically data from the survey because it confirmed the verbal feedback I received from our faculty and staff after the workshop. Examples of feedback I received were, "I really enjoyed the video", "it was very informative", "the video was current and included up-to-date information", "great presentation, not boring at all", "by far better than the information presented in the past", and "not too long, not too short, just right". As you can see, an overwhelming majority of faculty and staff really enjoyed the video and they also communicated that they wanted to receive more training like this in the future.

Thank you, HR Proactive, for providing us with useful information to help our campus maintain an environment free from sexual harassment.

Atina Guillory Wright- MSHRM Career Services Coordinator/Advisor Louisiana State University Eunice